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The Mobile Apocalypse is Coming!

Google to Begin Mobile Update : April 21st, 2015

Web Developers have known for months.

“Sites are going to be in for a big surprise when they find a drastic change in the amount of people visiting them from mobile devices.”

– Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda


Google is about to change the way its influential search engine recommends websites on smartphones in a shift that’s expected to sway where millions of people shop, eat and find information.

The revised formula, scheduled to be begin to roll out Tuesday, April 21st and will favor websites that Google defines as “mobile-friendly.” Websites that don’t fit the description will be demoted in Google’s search results on smartphones while those meeting the criteria will be more likely to appear at the top of the rankings — a prized position that can translate into more visitors and money.

Although Google’s new formula won’t affect searches on desktop and laptop computers, it will have a huge influence on how and where people spend their money, given that more people are relying on their smartphones to compare products in stores and look for restaurants. That’s why Google’s new rating system is being billed by some search experts as “Mobile Apocalypse“.

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Mobile Friendly Checker

Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool to check and make sure you’re site is safe from the latest update.

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As of 2014 more people own a mobile device than a computer.
Out all the searches done online, right now 68% are from a mobile device.


Phone & Tablet Searches

This number has been growing rapidly over the last few years.

I’m Not Mobile Friendly. What Happens Now?

You have two options :

  • Do Nothing and have Google Slap your website right out of 68% off all searches online.


  • Have us quickly fix your site to make 100% sure Google keeps you where you need to be.
    Right in the hands of your customers.

You are in need of a Mobile Friendly Website.

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