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Thank you, Joan Jett. While we’ve always appreciated your iconic punk anthem, not everyone feels the same way. Nor should you, if you’re a business owner.

3rd Party Reviews in GoogleYou’ve always known that review sites were important, but Google just made them even more important, and everyone’s getting in on the action. With the new Google Mobile Review Update, 3rd Party Reviews are now listed.

Google has been slowly releasing this update for mobile over the last 3 days. 3rd party website reviews from companies like Yelp, GAF, SpaFinder, Groupon, OpenTable, Zomato, and a ton of others are now being listed right under your companies brand name.

Your customers can now see your overall reputation online in a single glance. This is of course giving the user a better overall experience, which is Google’s goal.

Now what does this mean for you? You better make sure you get those reviews flowing and tweak your review system if you aren’t seeing a steady income of reviews across all the 3rd party platforms in your industry. This will drastically effect conversions. Even Joan Jett knows that.


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